Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bethlehem, Jerusalem and outskirts

Jerusalem in the early morning, facing towards Gethsemane.

Entrance to the Old City through the Damascus gates at 4:15am

The tomb where Jesus was laid to rest

This man had 17 children and a donkey that kissed.

The Dome of the Rock over Jerusalem

At the falafal stands, everything is pickled, sometimes in odd colors.

The garden at the Jerusalem hotel... by far the nicest accommodations I've ever had.

Children at the playground near a home stay. They schooled us in soccer!

The group right outside the church/cave on the farm.

One of Dahir's dogs watches over the farm.

Sunset on the farm over Bethlehem

Mom-horse was hogging all the food.

Olive trees stand over much of Dahir's land.

Here's the guy with the gentle soul! Dahir was so kind to us.

A painting on the wall

A fence that will soon become a wall, further separating one people from another.

Organ in the Lutheran church where our group attended a Sunday service.

The site of Jesus' birth... WOW.

Another album cover

Everybody's favorite little girl (I'm not talking about Kelli).