Thursday, May 21, 2009

Candles in the Church of Elijah's Cave

Our friend and bus driver, Ahmad

View of Heifa through barbed wire

Tree near the Stations of the Cross

I have learned not to touch the dirty kitties....

Bags of grains and spices in the market

Dining hall used for the soldiers in the Crusades

Children on a field trip outside of a beautiful Mosque in Akko

Patterns on rugs in the market

Tiles marked by the years outside of a Mosque

The ladies were required to borrow shawls if they were not sufficiently covered

Statue of a bird in the streets of Haifa

Quest IP'ers relax on a whale in Haifa

George Shalabi tells us about his personal history of the area

The view is quite alluring...

View from the roof of the MEEI building

The view is nice at night as well... but we would rather be in the town visiting with the people!
(photos by Kelli Minor)

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that your first full day went so well. I loved the colors and textures of your photos, but most especially the group picture on the whale! I could almost smell the spices and heat of the day from your photos and descriptions. Safe travels and blessings to all.